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A Simpler Way To Manage Metabolic Syndrome

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A Simpler Way To Manage Metabolic Syndrome

It begins with a growing waistline. Surplus sugar, from a diet high in carbohydrates and fat, kicks the pancreas into overdrive as it works to produce enough insulin to regulate glucose levels. Cells eventually develop a resistance to insulin, nullifying the body’s natural secretions. Excess fat settles around the abdominal area as the body compartmentalizes unused energy. Soon after, cholesterol levels begin to rise, causing buildup within the arteries followed by an increase in blood pressure. This “cluster of conditions” as described by Mayo Clinic, is what constitutes metabolic syndrome, and managing its effects is akin to a delicate balancing act.


Medbox: Simplify Your Prescription Routine


Juggling a Plethora of Prescriptions

In addition to a healthier diet, an active lifestyle, and abandoning harmful substances like cigarettes, doctors may prescribe medication to manage metabolic syndrome. Each health issue associated with this condition requires its own prescription medication. Additionally, each medication has strict rules regarding when to take it and what to avoid.

Metformin (a common diabetes medication), for example, should be taken with meals in the morning and evening to help regulate glucose as it enters the body. Other medicines, like Lipitor for high cholesterol, require daily intake at a consistent hour of the day.

Because each medication affects the body differently, it’s essential to ensure that you are taking the right medicines with the proper doses at the right time. Remembering when and how much of each medication to take becomes increasingly difficult with more prescriptions. An incorrect dose or taking your medicines at the wrong time can cause catastrophic consequences for your health!

Maintaining consistency with your medication requires dedication. You can set alarms to remind you to take your medication. You can also set reminders of when to refill your prescriptions. Instead of fumbling through multiple medicine bottles each day, sorting out medications in pill organizers (though time-consuming) can help minimize the guesswork related to your regimen.


An Easier Way

It’s the 21st century — why can’t there be a more convenient alternative to maintaining the prescriptions related to your metabolic syndrome diagnosis? Luckily, there is! MedBox takes your medicines and pre-packages them into convenient tear-away bags labeled by date and time to ensure you never miss a dose. No more sorting, no more errors. MedBox works with your doctors to automatically fill your prescriptions and deliver them to your home free of charge, saving you time and money. Best of all, there is no additional cost to take advantage of this service, just the cost of your usual copay. Make your health a priority and take advantage of this excellent service by scheduling a MedBox consultation today!


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