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A Simpler Way To Manage Metabolic Syndrome

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by MedBox Staff

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As we age, some of us might notice a few more inches around our waist. This can sometimes be a result of eating foods rich in sugars and fats. When we eat like this, our pancreas works harder to manage the sugar in our blood. Over time, this might mean that our body doesn’t respond as well to insulin, a natural hormone. The result? Extra fat can gather around our stomachs as our body tries to store the extra energy. And before we know it, our cholesterol might rise, making our blood vessels narrower and increasing our blood pressure. Mayo Clinic calls this collection of symptoms “metabolic syndrome.” Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle – every piece plays its part.

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Navigating Medications With Ease

Eating better, being active, and saying no to cigarettes are key steps to feeling our best. But sometimes, doctors might recommend a few medicines to help us along.


For example, let’s take Metformin, a common sugar-control pill. It’s best taken when we eat breakfast and dinner. Then there’s Lipitor for cholesterol – it’s like a daily vitamin, best taken at the same time every day. These are just some of the medications your doctor might prescribe to you.

With different pills, remembering the what, when, and how can be a tad confusing. It’s a bit like managing a daily timetable! Setting alarms or using pill organizers can be one way to help you juggle your medications. But such measures can be a hassle, and are prone to human error. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Simplifying Your Daily Routine

With all the modern gadgets and services today, shouldn’t there be an easy way to manage all these medications? Good news! MedBox is here to help. Imagine all your pills pre-packaged and labeled just for you, telling you exactly when to take them. No fuss, no mix-ups. MedBox even consults with your doctors, arranges your medicines, and delivers them right to your doorstep. And the best part? You only pay your usual medicine cost, nothing extra. If this sounds like a helping hand you’d appreciate, contact us at MedBox today. We’re here to help make your health journey smoother and simpler.

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