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Better Medication Management
with MedBox

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Better Medication
Management with MedBox

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Enhanced Medication Adherence

MedBox is a pharmacy made for seniors. Prescriptions arrive at the patient’s door already sorted by the dose into packets stamped with date and time. MedBox empowers senior patients to effortlessly follow their treatment plans without the complexities of medication management.

Reduced Medication Errors

With MedBox, the responsibility of sorting medications is transferred from the patient to the pharmacy. Clear-cut pill packaging ensures senior patients can easily track their doses, eliminating the risk of accidental overmedicating or undermedicating.

Streamlined Medication Management

MedBox simplifies medication management, which is especially critical for senior patients, by ensuring all prescriptions are handled by one pharmacy and dispensed in compliance packaging. This eliminates medication interaction risks and enhances patient independence.

Improved Health Outcomes

MedBox is committed to improving patient health outcomes. Our packaging and clinical support contributes to the success of treatment plans, which ultimately leads to better health results and minimizes hospitalizations due to medication errors

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Recommend MedBox as a comprehensive medication management solution that supports your treatment plans, enhances patient independence, and ultimately leads to improved health outcomes.

With MedBox, senior patients can receive long-term care pharmacy services at home with 24/7 clinical support and free delivery with no additional costs.

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“This is amazing! Such a great reminder to take medication. I never have to worry about what I’m taking and what time.”

Lyly B.

The Benefits

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24/7 Clinical Support

MedBox specializes in senior care and assists patients with any medication-related concerns at any time of day.

Automatic Refills

MedBox automates refills, so patients don’t accidentally run out of essential medications.

Same Copays, No Extra Costs

Patients pay the same copays for a 30-day supply as they would at their local retail pharmacy.

Convenient for Caregivers

MedBox simplifies caregiving for senior patients by providing organized, labeled doses, saving time, and offering caregivers peace of mind.
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Travel Friendly

MedBox simplifies medication management for seniors on the go, allowing them to easily tear off doses for each day of travel.

Goodbye Medication Challenges,
Say Hello to MedBox

Say Goodbye to

  • Struggling to Find and Open Vials
  • Complicated Medication Schedules
  • Missed Doses
  • Medication Errors
  • Medication Confusion
  • Inefficient Refill Processes
  • Medication Interaction Risks
  • Anxiety Over Medication Management
  • Difficulty for Caregivers
  • Unreachable Phone Support

Say Hello to

  • Pre-Sorted Doses Indicating Time and Date
  • Simplified Medication Schedules
  • Adherence Improvement
  • Reduced Medication Errors
  • Clarity in Medication Management
  • Automated Refills
  • Pharmacy-Verified No Interaction Risks
  • Peace of Mind
  • Streamlined Caregiving
  • 24/7 Evidence-Based Clinical Support

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Don’t feel like calling just yet? Take a look at our FAQs.

How can I recommend MedBox to my patients?

While MedBox is primarily intended for senior patients, you can recommend MedBox to any of your patients who take multiple medications. Our services are optimally designed to cater to individuals with:

  • Varying dose times throughout the day
  • Multiple disease states
  • Unstable health conditions
  • A need for comprehensive medication synchronization
  • Specific requirements for safer senior care

Please have your patients visit our website at medbox.com and click the button on the top right named “Check My Coverage” to begin the process of signing up

How does MedBox handle medication changes or updates?

If a prescription changes during your patient’s MedBox cycle, we’ll provide a partial fill with the updated medication until their next refill arrives. For urgent medication needs, same-day delivery or a coordinated local pickup is available.

Is MedBox suitable for all my senior patients?

MedBox works best for senior patients who take multiple medications. Simply direct your patients to the MedBox website to have them learn more.

Is there a cost for patients to use MedBox?

There is no cost to switching to MedBox. Patients simply pay the same copays they are already paying at their local retail pharmacy for a 30-day supply. MedBox long-term care pharmacy services and delivery are free. Your patients will no longer need to wait in line at a pharmacy to receive their medications and get 24/7 clinical pharmacy support in the comfort of their home.


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Join our community of healthcare providers as a MedBox Ambassador and receive your complimentary MedBox Ambassador Toolkit, equipped with essential materials to help you educate and inform your patients about the benefits of MedBox.

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MedBox Ambassador

Toolkit contains

  • MedBox poster for your waiting rooms
  • Sample MedBox (with candy) to display
  • MedBox Brochures
  • MedBox Stickers
  • MedBox Mousepad
  • MedBox Baseball Cap
  • MedBox Pens