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The service trusted by long-term care facilities, now available at home for free

Experts in senior care

At MedBox, we have more than 20 years of experience serving seniors in long-term care settings. Our goal is to make the advanced pharmacy care and support we provided in professional settings accessible to seniors at home.

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“They make it easier for me to remember when to take my medication. I feel safer knowing that my medication is set up so I don’t forget taking them. Thank you for being a literal lifesaver. God Bless”

Julia C.


A legacy of care, a future in tech

  • Initially developed to manage the risk of medication errors in long-term care facilities, MedBox has expanded its services to be accessible to all seniors.

  • MedBox comes with the same level of customer service and 24/7 evidenced-based clinical support that has been provided to our patients in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities for more than 20 years.

  • MedBox has transformed into a technology company, creating proprietary software that allows us to extend long-term care pharmacy services to patients at home.

Long-term care pharmacy
services at home

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24/7 Clinical Support

MedBox pharmacists are experienced in senior care and available around the clock, ready to assist you with answers and guidance.

Customized Packaging

Each medication packet includes the date and time each dose should be taken, along with the name, strength, and quantity of the tablets inside.

Free Delivery

No more finding rides or waiting in line at the pharmacy. Get your prescriptions delivered right to your door, reducing your exposure to the common cold, flu, and whatever else is going around.

Automatic Refills

Refills are seamless. We work with your doctors and insurance to automatically deliver your next refill before your prescriptions run out.

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Regular copays, more benefits

With MedBox, you pay the same copays for 30-day supply as your local pharmacy. Get more from your pharmacy with MedBox.
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“Being able to receive all my medicine every month in the mail and packaged just the way I take them is amazing. I am saving time and money!”

Lisa C.

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Caring for a loved one?

MedBox is your partner in providing high quality care and promoting senior independence

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