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Welcome to MedBox
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What is MedBox?

MedBox is a better way to manage your medication.

Why MedBox?

MedBox is a free pill-dispensing service provided by AmeriPharma, the first online pharmacy made for independent living seniors. Simplify your daily routine and never forget to take your pills again. MedBox helps seniors avoid unneeded hospitalizations due to medication errors by helping them adhere to a prescribed medication regimen. Initially developed for long-term care facilities, MedBox is now available at home to seniors. MedBox comes with same level of customer service and 24/7 evidenced-based clinical support that has been provided to our patients in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities for more than 20 years.

Labeled by
Date and Time

Each packet of medication clearly lists the date and time the medications inside the packet should be taken. Each packet also lists the patient’s name and the name, strength, and quantity of the tablets inside.

No Additional Cost

MedBox service and delivery are free. You will only be responsible for any co-pays you may have (which will stay the same as they are at your current pharmacy).

LTC MedBox pharmacist

Pharmacist Reviewed

With MedBox, a licensed pharmacist will review all of your medications to create a safe and effective medication schedule. You’ll no longer have to remember which medications you must take together and which ones you must take hours apart.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Your medications are examined at numerous checkpoints, both by licensed pharmacists and advanced computers. Our system is much safer than using a pill box. It guarantees accuracy, so you don’t have to worry about taking the wrong dose.

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Get Started

Ordering a MedBox for you or your loved one is incredibly easy. All you need to do is call (800) 270-7091 or click on the button below so one of our specialists can help you get started.