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How to Refill Your MedBox

What is MedBox?

MedBox is a specialized pharmacy service specifically designed with seniors in mind. Our mission is to empower seniors by simplifying the often complex task of managing multiple medications. We help seniors stay in control of their health, improving health outcomes and reducing the risk of hospitalization.

At MedBox, we essentially bring the convenience and precision of long-term care pharmacy services right to your home. We understand that managing several medications can be challenging. To address this, MedBox offers a unique service of pre-sorting all your medications by dose into easy-to-use packets. Each packet is clearly labeled by date and time, making it straightforward for seniors or their caregivers to ensure that every dose is taken correctly and on time.

But our commitment to making medication management easy doesn’t stop there. We also deliver these pre-sorted medication packets directly to your door, completely free of charge. This service eliminates the need for trips to the pharmacy and ensures you always have your medications when you need them.

In essence, MedBox is a comprehensive medication management solution designed to empower seniors to maintain their independence and enjoy a healthier, worry-free life.


How much does MedBox cost?

With MedBox, you don’t have to worry about additional expenses. Our pharmacy dispenses medications in our unique packaging and delivers them right to your door, all at no extra cost. Essentially, we offer you the benefits of a long-term care pharmacy service from the comfort of your home. We provide this higher-value service at the same cost as your current local pharmacy. Your only responsibility remains the regular monthly medication co-pays, if any.

Are there additional costs for these MedBox dispensers?

Absolutely not. There are no additional costs associated with our MedBox dispensers. They will be shipped to you free of charge, and they’re designed to be reused with your upcoming medication refills.

What happens if the MedBox dispenser is damaged or lost - is there a replacement fee?

The MedBox dispensers are made from quality materials, designed to be durable and resist damage under normal usage. In the event of loss or damage, however, we can offer a replacement at a minimal cost of $10.

How much will my copays be? Will they change if I switch to MedBox?

No, your copays should remain the same as what you would pay for a 30-day supply at your local retail pharmacy. Your copays are set by your insurance company and should not change if you switch pharmacies.

How will I pay my copays?

You can use a credit card or checks to pay your copays.


Do you take my insurance?

We accept Medicare, multi-state Medicaid, Medi-Cal, Blue Shield, and most private insurances.

I have a VA insurance. Can I use MedBox?

We do accept Tricare, however, if you get your medication directly from the VA you would have to continue with them due to insurance restrictions.

I have Kaiser insurance. Can I use AmeriPharma?

We do accept certain Kaiser plans. Please call us to verify. However, if you have a Kaiser commercial plan, you would have to continue with Kaiser due to insurance restrictions.

Shipping & Refills

How does MedBox manage my refills?

Refill management is a breeze with MedBox. Our system automatically keeps track of your medication and ensures your prescriptions are refilled and delivered to your door before you run out. You won’t have to worry about keeping track or making any calls.

I am out of medication. Can you please send it right away?

MedBox is here to ensure you’re never without your necessary medications. We can coordinate local same-day pick-up and delivery for immediate needs. Please keep us informed of any changes as soon as possible so we can best assist you.


Can vitamins/supplements/over-the-counter medications be included in my MedBox?

Yes, we can include your vitamins and supplements in your MedBox.

How do I receive as-needed medications?

If you have medication you take as needed, we’ll wait until you tell us you’re ready for a refill to send them. As-needed medications will come in a standard pill bottle for your convenience, separate from your regular MedBox roll.

Can caregivers sign up the individuals they care for to use MedBox?

Yes, signing up for someone else is just as easy as signing up yourself. Just make sure to have a list of all their medications, insurance card, doctors, and current pharmacy information on hand.


What if I travel regularly?

MedBox is designed with travelers in mind! Each dose comes in a tear-off packet, making it simple to take only the doses you need for your trip. Plus, for long-term travel, we’re able to ship your MedBox to you even in states where we’re not typically covered, as long as your residence is in a covered state. Just make sure to inform us about your travel plans, and we’ll arrange delivery to your temporary location!

How can I trust the accuracy of medication dispensing with MedBox?

At MedBox, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to dispense medications in line with your doctor’s instructions. Your meds are prepared in easy-to-tear packets per dose. High-tech machinery scans each packet for potential issues like duplicate, missing, or broken pills, allowing for swift correction. A final review by our pharmacists, cross-checking each packet with your prescription, guarantees the perfection of your MedBox.

Where can I contact MedBox with any other questions?

MedBox Care Advisors are available to talk about any concerns or questions. Call us at (800) 270-7091.