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Best Medication Reminder Apps

Patient using medication reminder app

Taking medication as prescribed by your doctor on time is often tricky, especially if you have to take several medications at different times of the day. Fortunately, there are many medication reminder apps you can use to remind yourself to take your scheduled doses. 


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According to the National Center for Health Statistics, approximately 24% of people in the United States take three or more prescriptions, and over 12% take five or more medications daily. 

In fact, research has shown that almost 50% of patients with multiple prescription drugs forget to take their medication at their prescribed times and, due to this, fail to manage their chronic illnesses properly. 

Medication reminder apps can be very helpful for patients who have multiple chronic conditions and have difficulty remembering to take different medications at different times during the day.


What Is a Medication Reminder App?

Medication reminder apps are digital applications that remind a person to take their scheduled dose as directed by their healthcare provider. It works just like an alarm or SMS that alerts users when it’s time for their prescriptions. 

A 2017 study on 1198 participants showed that patients took their medications on time after receiving personalized medication reminders through SMS. This study also concluded that taking medication on time can improve various health outcomes and prevent serious illnesses. 


The Best Apps

The following are some of the best medication reminder applications you can easily install on your smartphone (android and iOS) to help you adhere to your medication regime. 

1. MediSafe

According to the MediSafe site, pharmacists rank MediSafe as the #1 medication app. The Medfriend feature of this app allows you to synchronize your data (dose scheduled report) with your caregivers and family members. 

This means that if you accidentally miss your dose, your friends or family will automatically get push notifications about your missed dose. 

Other features of MediSafe include:

  • Personalized reminders for each vital medication
  • Information about 30,000+ drug interactions with warnings and side effects
  • The ability to record and monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, weight, and blood sugar level
  • Prescription refill alerts
  • Visual progress reports that you can share with your doctors

Review: The rating of the MediSafe app is 4.7/5 on the App store


Medbox: A Safer Way To Take Medication


2. My Therapy Pill Reminder

My therapy is also another top medication reminder app. Apart from providing daily medication reminders, data synchronization, and sharing progress reports like other apps, it also offers its users the option to: 

  • Track other health information like mood, blood pressure, and body weight
  • Record symptoms and receive personalized tips accordingly
  • Track medication injection sites such as the upper arm or stomach

Review: The rating of My Therapy Pill Reminder app is 4.8/5 on the App store

3. Dosecast

Senior reading medication labelDosecast’s basic feature (free version) only includes the ability to enter prescription information and set reminders. The paid version unlocks extra functionality such as:

  • Seamless data synchronization with other users
  • Progress reports for doctors or caregivers
  • Medication tracking with refill reminders
  • Option to upload medication photo to identify each medication easily

Review: The rating of Dosecast app is 4.2/5 on the App store

4. EveryDose

EveryDose also shares similar features to the above-mentioned apps, such as pill reminders, alerts, and reports. The unique feature of this app is that it offers an AI-powered virtual medical assistant called “Maxwell.” This feature helps users get answers to medication-related questions. 

Other features include:

  • Information about 10,000+ drug-to-drug interactions
  • Foods to avoid during your prescription drug therapy
  • Progress reports that can be shared with caregivers, family members, or doctors
  • An overview of medication history (showing taken and missed doses)

Review: The rating of EveryDose app is 4.7/5 on the App store


Medbox: Simplify Your Prescription Routine


5. Pill Reminder-All in One

Pill reminder-all in one app allows you to personalize your medication schedule by recurring times and share data with other users. It also gives refill reminders and allows you to track your taken and missed doses.

Other features include:

  • Alerts about expiring medication 
  • Medical appointment reminders
  • An FDA-database search to learn more about your prescription medication

Review: The rating of Pill Reminder -All in One app is 4.7/5 on the App store



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