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This is Why Your Cardiologist Prescribes You All Those Meds

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This is Why Your Cardiologist Prescribes You All Those Meds

In your younger years, you only visited the pharmacy to pick up a single prescription. The prescription was often temporary, but, with age, taking medication became more of a way of life. As time took its natural toll on the body, different doctors stepped in to address these concerns.


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Today, heart disease is one of the most prevalent health problems in the United States. About 84 million people suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease, and almost one out of every three deaths results from cardiovascular disease, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Studies show that people with heart disease are the most likely to be taking multiple medications because cardiologists follow strict guidelines on how to treat disease.


Cardiologists Have Many Tools at Their Disposal

These specialists treat patients for a wide range of heart problems. Often, the cardiologist prescribes dosages of medication from the arsenal of drugs available. You probably know many of the names:

  •       Beta-blockers
  •       Calcium-blockers
  •       Blood thinners
  •       Diuretics
  •       ACE inhibitors


It Is Easy To Make a Mistake When Taking Your Medication

When you have prescriptions from all your doctors, you will need to fill them at a pharmacy and follow the specific instructions from your pharmacist. Patients with the most prescriptions are at the highest risk of error. Taking five or more medications increases the risk of adverse drug events by 88 percent.  An estimated 10 percent to 30 percent of senior hospital admissions involve medication. The penalty for improperly handling your prescriptions can be steep.


You Have Become a Pharmacist

You are always doing something with your medications. One prescription always needs refilling. You place tablets into the little compartments in your pillbox so that every dosage for the week is ready to take. You must make sure that every pill goes where it belongs. It is dangerous to lose track of where you left off, and you can only hope you got it right.


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