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The Best Places To Retire in the US

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by MedBox Staff

Orlando, Florida

Retirement is one of the most significant phases in life, where you experience a range of feelings, from relaxation and excitement to anxiousness. But why not make your retirement journey full of fun and utilize this opportunity to relax and enjoy the fruits of your hard work?

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The U.S. is a vast and diverse landscape, offering a wide range of options to explore, live, and enjoy. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best cities and states to retire in the U.S. Each has its own unique features and advantages and allows you to enjoy your retirement without getting bored or overwhelmed.

Best Cities in the US To Retire

There are several cities and states in the U.S. where you can enjoy your retirement life. Some of the best cities for retirement include:

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, also known as the garden spot of America, is a state located in the northeastern part of the U.S. that is enriched with natural, cultural, historical, and commercial places to visit. It is an ideal state for retirees offering plenty of relaxing places, like farmlands, scenic roads, and other locations of scenic beauty. In addition, Lancaster features outdoor activities for people, like exploring the countryside, biking, hiking, and more. All in all, if you are interested in enjoying natural and cultural beauty and exploring history in your retirement life, Lancaster offers it all.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Other benefits of retiring in Lancaster include the following:

  • Affordable Living
    Commonly, people entering their retirement phase prefer spending less money on themselves. Living in Lancaster is affordable compared to other parts of the U.S., especially when it comes to housing, making the state an attractive and affordable option, especially for those on a budget.
  • Strong Facilities For Healthcare
    Another reason Lancaster can be a good place for retirees is that it is equipped with several hospitals and medical facilities, ensuring a robust healthcare system. With increased age, access to quality healthcare is crucial, and Lancaster provides easy access to multiple healthcare facilities.
  • Scenic Beauty
    Lancaster is known for its scenic beauty, so even when you are bored, going to the countryside and enjoying the views of farmlands, rolling hills, and natural beauty can be peaceful, refreshing, and soothing.
  • Close-Knit Communities
    Lancaster features close-knit communities and churches, making worshipping and building connections with people easier for retirees.
  • Cultural Events
    The city provides vast opportunities to attend and explore various cultural events and places, like art galleries, theatres, museums, and more.
  • Historical Charm
    Lancaster is a city with a bundle of historical things to explore. From the historical downtown area to unique restaurants and shops, you can enjoy and visit places steeped with historical charm.

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Beaufort, South Carolina

Another good city in the U.S. to spend your retirement years is Beaufort, South Carolina. Offering a low cost of living and low property taxes, South Carolina is considered a great spot for budget-friendly living. When you reach the age of 65 years, South Carolina gives a full tax deduction for the first $50,000 of the market value of your house.

Intercoastal Waterway, Beaufort, South Carolina

South Carolina also features interesting places where retirees can engage in physical activities and receive relaxing body treatments. Such places include beautiful spas, clubhouses, gyms, bocce tournaments, outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, and more. Residents can also explore nature as the state offers easy access to scenic parks and walkable pathways where you can enjoy walking, cycling, or driving through the community with friends and neighbors.

In Beaufort, the climate is warm, and the ocean is near, so retirees can enjoy year-round outdoor activities like fishing, swimming, golfing, boating, tennis, and jogging. Beaufort also boasts historical, scenic, and entertainment locations to visit, like museums, galleries, waterside parks, boutique shops, playgrounds, wellness centers, and churches.

Best States in the US To Retire

If you are not necessarily searching for a specific city to retire in, there are also retirement-friendly states you can consider. Some of the best states for retirement include:


Florida is a great place to enjoy the golden years of your life. It is also known as the “Sunshine State” and boasts many places to explore and visit, such as beaches offering a combination of sunshine, sand, and soft gentle breezes. Indoor and outdoor entertainment is also plentiful. The state offers over 1,300 golf courses. You can also fish, hike, and kayak. If you are more interested in indoor activities, there are plenty of shows, art exhibits, and clubhouses. The weather in Florida is exceptional with year-round sunshine and breezy tropical evenings, ideal for people who prefer a moderate climate.

For people aged 55 and above, Florida provides maintainance-free independent living residences. It also offers a lower cost of living and has many top-notch hospitals and healthcare facilities, ensuring that you have access to high-quality, accessible, and innovative healthcare services.

Another great benefit of living in Florida is that traveling is convenient. You can easily travel by air or sea whenever you want to visit your friends, family, or simply wish to explore other cities. Florida boasts loads of seaports and national and international airports, enabling you to quickly find direct flights to other U.S. locations and countries.

Moreover, in Florida, you will have to pay fewer taxes and enjoy lower costs on everyday items, like utilities and groceries. Florida has no taxes on inheritance, estate, retirement income, pensions, and social security benefits. In addition, there is no state income tax.

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If you admire natural beauty, Arkansas is made for you. It has an abundance of peaceful lakes, Ozark mountains, winding rivers, state parks, and other areas of scenic beauty. Along with numerous opportunities to explore breathtaking natural views, Arkansas is also equipped with plenty of recreational and outdoor activities for all.

The state offers many locations for boating, hiking, fishing, and picnicking. You can also enjoy various cuisines and attend events, festivals, historic museums, and libraries. Such offerings make Arkansas among the best places to keep your mind active and busy during retirement. If you are a retired person who is interested in engaging in lifelong learning experiences with various cultural, historical, and educational attractions, Arkansas would be a great choice. The state offers an affordable cost of living and low taxes, so you can utilize your retirement savings to their fullest.

Moreover, in Arkansas, getting bored is not an option. When you are tired of outings, retirement-friendly communities are there to provide a comfortable, supportive, and friendly environment, providing a great opportunity to socialize and make new friends. Retirees also get access to a thriving community of healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing specialized care. The state has renowned medical centers, several hospitals, and clinics with access to the latest innovative medical technologies.

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