Shipping & Refills

What to expect from your first shipment

You will receive your first shipment a few days before your start date. Your shipment should contain your MedBox premium dispenser, along with a roll of packets containing your meds. Setting up the MedBox is fast and easy; all you need to do is place the roll of packets into your dispenser, and you are ready to go. When it is time to take your meds, simply peel off a packet, open, and take the meds inside.


How do I refill my MedBox?

Refilling your MedBox is quick and easy, and only requires you to follow four simple steps. To refill your MedBox, follow the instructions in the video below. The steps to refill your MedBox are also outlined in the text below ...

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I am out of medication. Can you please send it right away?

MedBox is here to ensure you’re never without your necessary medications. We can coordinate local same-day pick-up and delivery for immediate needs. Please keep us informed of any changes as soon as possible so we can bes...

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