What medications do you deliver?

At MedBox, we prioritize providing comprehensive long-term care pharmacy services, specially tailored for seniors. We deliver a wide array of medications, encompassing everything from common over-the-counter options to specialized, hard-to-find prescription drugs, ensuring that all your pharmaceutical needs are met with utmost convenience. 

We deliver all pharmacy items, including inhalers, eye drops, and your daily medications, carefully organized to simplify your daily routine.

Furthermore, we can seamlessly integrate any vitamins and supplements into your MedBox, ensuring you have all your wellness essentials in one place. 

Additionally, MedBox customers gain access to our specialty and limited distribution drugs, as well as home infusion pharmacy services, all through AmeriPharma Specialty Care. Trusted by many, AmeriPharma’s Specialty Care division ensures the highest quality of care and comprehensive pharmacy solutions for complex conditions.


What are your business hours?

MedBox offers 24/7/365 support. To reach us, just use our contact form, or call us at (866) 386-1964. 

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How do I receive as-needed medications?

If you have medication you take as needed, we’ll wait until you tell us you’re ready for a refill to send them. As-needed medications will come in a pill bottle for your convenience, separate from your regular MedBo...

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