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Patients Find Convenience, Accuracy, and Personal Time With MedBox

MedBox Packets

Patients Find Convenience, Accuracy, and Personal Time With MedBox

Managing medications can be challenging. Pills spill from their boxes and drop on the floor due to shaky hands, poor memory makes it difficult to remember which doses to take, and so much time is spent refilling and picking up prescriptions. This is why MedBox has been revolutionary for so many people.


Get Your Pills Pre-sorted and Delivered at No Extra Cost


Medication Management Made Easy

MedBox takes the mess and frustration out of taking pills. Each box comes with a scroll of tear-away packets. The end of the scroll feeds out of the box, dispensing one pouch at a time, each labeled with a date and time for you to take your medications, which are all contained inside. Many patients’ reviews sound like Debbie Murphy of Phoenix, Arizona, who found that recent health changes brought an overwhelming increase in medications. With MedBox she was able to simplify this process and free up her time. Other patients, who used to struggle to count tiny pills into a weekly container, are now grateful for the accurately dispensed medications that are prepackaged and easy to take anywhere.


Now It’s Easier To See if You Miss a Dose

You’ve probably looked at a medication bottle on your counter and wondered, did I already take one? The National Center for Biotechnology Information has found that non-adherence to medication may cause up to 125,000 deaths annually.  Sharon Yegiaian, a doctor from Pasadena, California, says it has been beneficial when her patients use MedBox because they stay on their therapy, and she is then able to focus on spending time talking to them rather than worrying if they are taking the correct medications at the right time.


You Can Spend Time Your Way

beach baby and mother

Susan Smith from Orlando, Florida, was spending 30 minutes every week just organizing her mother’s medication. Now that they are using MedBox, they have the freedom to spend that time together going to their favorite places. Gaining back that time has been invaluable for many patients.

Check out MedBox’s reviews and join the growing number of patients who have discovered MedBox, the pharmacy of the future.


No More Pill Sorting! Our Pharmacy Pre-sorts and Packages Your Pills