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MedBox: A Revolutionized Way To Manage Your Medication

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MedBox: A Revolutionized Way To Manage Your Medication

Have you caught yourself wondering if you remembered to take your medication, or if you put pills into your weekly pillbox correctly? If this sounds like you, get ready for something life-changing: MedBox. It’s your personalized pillbox that comes presorted and ready to use. Managing your medication has never been easier!


Your Prescriptions Sorted and Delivered


How Does MedBox Work?

Without even leaving the comfort of your living room, you can call or fill out a form for a free consultation.

Licensed pharmacists at AmeriPharma work with your doctors and insurance company to make sure they have the correct information and dosages. Then, within a few days, you’ll get a pillbox at your doorstep. This MedBox isn’t filled with bottles. Instead, a strip of tear-away packets scrolls out one end, each carefully stamped with the day and time you should take the medication. All your pills for that day and time are within one, convenient pouch. When setting up your order, you choose the time of day for each packet, for example, morning and evening, and two sealed packets will dispense for each day with the correct medications.


What is the Cost?

You’d think, with that much convenience, that there would be an added cost associated, but your copay stays the same. Not only that, you’ll be saving money because you won’t need to drive to the pharmacy to pick up medications. That’s time and gas money saved.


Can It Save Time?

After completing your account setup, we will deliver your new MedBox in just a few days, and even in emergencies, you can get your medication within four hours. Say goodbye to long lines at the pharmacy, or typing in refill codes. A new box of medications will arrive one week before the current one runs out. Refills are automatic.

For easy convenience that saves you time, without costing extra, get started with MedBox today and discover a new way to manage your medication.


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