AmeriPharma’s premier pharmacy services are available in multiple states throughout the US.

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No More Pill Organizers and Pill Sorting

Say Hello to the New Way of Pharmacy

24/7 Pharmacy Online

How It Works

Check Your Coverage

MedBox specialists collect the information needed to verify your insurance coverage.

Transfer Your Prescriptions

We process your prescriptions by working with your previous pharmacy and doctors, making the transfer quick and easy.

Get Your MedBox

A start date for MedBox is chosen based on your current fill cycle. MedBox will arrive at your door before your start date.

Your prescriptions filled, sorted, and delivered.

MedBox is a free pharmacy service by AmeriPharma. Our online pharmacy fills your prescriptions, sorts and packages your medications by the dose and mails prescriptions to you.

No additional cost

MedBox is covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal, and most private insurances. No change in insurance, co-pays, or out-of-pocket costs.

Filled by date and time

No more sorting pills or worrying that you’ve missed a dose. Individual pill packs are labeled with date and time and placed into MedBox, your personal pill dispenser.

Tailored for you

Include vitamins and over-the-counter medications in your MedBox. Inhalers, creams, insulin, and other pharmacy items can also be sent with your shipment.

Accurate doses

Licensed pharmacists and computerized processing verify each medication pack to ensure safety and the highest level of accuracy for each dose.

Free delivery

No more waiting in line at the pharmacy. We mail prescriptions directly to you. Your MedBox will arrive before your start date.

Refilled automatically

We work with your doctors and insurance to automatically fill your MedBox before you are out of medication.

Switch to a Smarter Pharmacy

3 MedBox pill packets

MedBox is covered by Medicare and most private insurances. Fill out the form below and get started today.

What Our Customers Say

Switch to a simpler pharmacy

Medication management has never been easier.

MedBox is covered by most insurance plans. Call us to find out more about your coverage.